25 best car air fresheners of 2024 | CNN Underscored (2024)

Those ubiquitous cardboard trees are getting a luxury makeover as the world of high-end fragrance meets automotive accessories. Move over pine, and say hello to hinoki-, heirloom tomato- and oud-scented car fresheners that make your vehicle smell like your favorite candle or a fancy boutique.

The latest generation of car air fresheners offers a new take on the format, in addition to high-end and bespoke-feeling scents. There are diffusers, hanging tags, vent clips and decorative fragrance holders designed to fill your car with a subtle yet long-lasting scent.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 25 luxe twists on the humble car freshener in all the styles, materials and fragrances you could imagine.

Votivo’s luxury fragrances are now available in a clip-on cartridge that can be affixed to your car vents. The brand offers nine scents, which can be purchased individually for $10 or at a discount in a bundle of three on its site.

With its combination of luxury scents and new materials, Drift’s wood car freshener is a true standout. The wooden scent block comes with a metal visor clip and provides fragrance for 30 days.

Pura’s smart diffusers are a favorite of ours, and now you can bring the custom-scent experience on the go too. The diffuser plugs into your car, and the fragrance cartridges last about a month.

This set of five auto-fragrance hanging tags comes in high-end scents like Wild Brooklyn Lavender and Big Sur After Rain. It makes a great gift for someone heading out on a road trip.

Diptyque’s beloved Baies scent is now available to make your car smell gorgeous. The diffuser comes with a scented insert that lasts for up to three months.

Designed to be used with your favorite essential oil, the Aromacruise Diffuser is fitted with a stone that will hold on to and diffuse fragrance for 30 to 90 days.

Fans of Homesick’s candles and reed diffusers will love the brand’s car fresheners. They’re a modern take on those old cardboard hanging air fresheners that come in Homesick’s signature scents, like New York City and Beach Cottage.

Tech enthusiasts will flip for Hotel Collection's car fragrance diffuser, which can detect movement to automatically turn on and off when you enter or exit your car. The diffuser oils — which come in 10 scents — are sold separately and eligible for monthly subscriptions for regular refills.

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Jo Malone’s gorgeous scents can now waft through your car. The canister-style diffuser can be fitted with cartridges in three of the brand’s signature scents: Lime Basil & Mandarin, Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Peony & Blush Suede.

Vacation’s hanging cardboard car fresheners feature cheeky retro designs and come in a few of the sunscreen brand’s signature scents, including Classic, Bali Boy and After-Sun Gel.

Zara Home’s car air freshener has a clip so you can attach it to a visor or vent. They last from one to three months and are available in several other scents, including Light Cotton and Dark Amber.

Bring some bling to your car’s interior with Bath & Body Works’ crystal-accented vent clip. It’s designed to hold the brand’s car fragrance cartridges, which can be purchased individually for $5 or in a bundle of three scents for $11.

Flamingo Estate, an Oprah-approved lifestyle brand, has gotten in on the luxury car-scent game with its cult-favorite Roma Heirloom Tomato car fragrance tag.

The gorgeous design of Clemt’s dashboard-mounted car freshener is what makes it a standout. The top unscrews from the base of the diffuser, allowing you to use your favorite essential oils in your car.

Cenniu’s smart air freshener is designed to fit in your car’s cup holder. It has sensors that turn it on and off when the vehicle is and is not in use. The fragrance intensity can be changed to suit your preferences and lasts up to four months.

The signature scent of Anthropologie stores, Capri Blue’s cult-favorite Volcano scent comes in a car diffuser too. It includes a decorative vent diffuser and four scented reeds.

This stylish car diffuser imparts Glasshouse Fragrances’ Lost in Amalfi scent throughout your vehicle, and the scent discs, which last 30 days, are refillable.

Hanging cardboard air fresheners are getting a makeover in modern shapes and colors. This set of three pretty lavender fragrance tags from Target is a budget-friendly way to make your car smell great.

Another entry in the elevated cardboard car freshener category is Mrs. Meyer's super-cute hanging diffusers. Available in the cleaning brand's signature lavender scent, the round diffuser will keep your car smelling fresh for 30 days.

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The sleek white-and-gold design of Scent New York’s car diffuser makes it a true standout. It clips on to the car vents and emits one of three scents: Leather, White Flower or Santal.

Looking for a gift idea for the cool teen in your life who just got their first car? Look no further than DedCool’s hanging car freshener with top notes of bergamot and fresh dew.

Lazy Royal’s air freshener cube can be hung from the rearview mirror or clipped on to the vents. It’s available in a variety of scents inspired by luxury perfumes and colognes.

This highly stylized take on the traditional cardboard car freshener mimics the look of a hotel door tag. It is scented with woody hinoki and comes in a vintage-inspired shade of avocado green.

Available in black or rose gold, this aroma stick clips on to car vents, emitting a fresh grapefruit smell that lasts for up to 60 days.

With notes of juniper berry, pinon and sandalwood, Square Trade Goods’ hanging fragrance card in Juniper Santal will impart a lovely scent that lasts from two to four weeks.

25 best car air fresheners of 2024 | CNN Underscored (2024)


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