The Only White Ferrari Enzo in Existence Heads to Auction (2024)

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Ferrari painted only one single Enzo in Bianco Avus, making this one of the most special prancing horses ever produced.

O la balena, the great white whale — the rarest of all Ferrari Enzos ever built is going up for auction. It’s the only one of the Italian flagship supercars that left the factory painted in Bianco Avus, a stunning shade of white. And it’s heading to auction on June 29.

The Enzo Was a Tribute to the Legend Himself

The Ferrari Enzo was a tribute to the man who founded and built the automotive legend, Enzo Ferrari. Developed around the turn of the century, it used the company’s latest Formula 1 car-building technology. A follow-up to the equally iconic Ferrari F40 and the underappreciated F50, the Enzo had a fully carbon fiber body, carbon-ceramic composite disc brakes, and an F1-style automated manual gearbox. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Ferrari added tech to the Enzo that Formula 1 didn’t even allow. This included advanced active aerodynamics features like front underbody flaps and a movable rear spoiler that gave it nearly enough downforce to drive on the roof of a tunnel. (This was before the movable devices were re-adjusted on the fly to lower downforce and allow a higher top speed.)

The heart of the Enzo was a 6.0L V12. Generating 651 horsepower and 485 pound-feet of torque in the Enzo, this engine had legs. Ferrari uses a version of it even today, powering the 812 Superfast, Monza, and more. The screaming V12 wasn’t the entire car, but it played a massive part in setting the character of the Enzo.

Officially, just 400 units of the Ferrari Enzo were built — 399 for some extremely important and well-heeled customers and one that Ferrari gave to the Pope.

Only 20 Non-Standard Enzos, Just One in White

Of those 400, 380 were painted in red or yellow, the only colors Ferrari had planned to allow. Of course, when you’re this high into the company’s stratosphere, even those types of things can be a bit flexible.

Just 20 of the cars were finished in a color that was non-standard (“extracampionario” in Ferrari-speak). According to auction house RM Sotheby’s, who’s putting this car under the hammer at the end of this month, this is the only one finished in Bianco Avus. We can’t find any others that would cast a doubt on this claim.

Even the Pope, who would have an impressive selection of Italian exotics if they weren’t auctioned for charitable causes, didn’t get a white Enzo. Instead, the car Ferrari gave to His Holiness was a red one. That’s how unique this particular Enzo is.

Is it the most exciting color to paint your screaming Ferrari? Not really. Do we love it finished in this color bringing memories of the Miami Vice Testarossa? Absolutely.

Showpiece Spent Last Decade in Hong Kong

RM Sotheby’s gives the history of the car, starting with its completion in May 2003. White paint is paired with an interior in Nero leather, and the buyer opted for Rosso Corsa red instruments. Another rare option, the extra-large carbon fiber seats were fitted and are trimmed with 3D black cloth inserts.

The car was sold to “a very private German-Swiss billionaire” by way of Ferrari Central Europe in Germany and Symbol Automobiles in Matran, Switzerland. The auction listing says the car didn’t see much use and was instead a showpiece in the window of that Swiss dealer.

The car was exported to Hong Kong in 2011, where it resided until its recent temporary import into Canada for the sale. While it was unregistered in Hong Kong, the auction listing says it was driven. It now has 9,600 km on the odometer, just under 6,000 miles, which is actually a somewhat high figure for this type of car — suggesting someone enjoyed it.

For Ferrari collectors, it has Ferrari Classiche certification. Awarded in November 2012, that’s a Certificate of Authenticity Ferrari makes available to cars more than 20 years old. This means that Ferrari experts examined the entire car from bumper to bumper — including chassis, engine, gearbox, suspension, and more — to determine the car’s authenticity. Any non-standard parts are replaced with factory originals, even if Ferrari Classiche has to have them made.

The question is, just how much is the only white Ferrari Enzo worth? A black example sold for $3.4 million at auction in late 2021, while a 353-mile Rosso Scuderia car fetched $3.8 million the same year. The car belonging to Pope John Paul II fetched $6 million, but that’s a very different story behind the car.

We’ll find out just what this car is worth on June 30, when the 24 hours of online bidding ends.

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The Only White Ferrari Enzo in Existence Heads to Auction (2024)


The Only White Ferrari Enzo in Existence Heads to Auction? ›

Sadly somebody hasn't found a giant dino-like creature in a Scottish lake, but the one and only white Enzo you see pictured above is heading up for auction through RM Sotheby's on 29 June. Yep, Sotheby's describes this as “the fabled white Enzo” as it's the only one that was allowed to leave the factory in Bianco Avus.

How much did the white Ferrari Enzo sell for at auction? ›

Prices for these cars continue to rise — the only white Enzo sold for a snip over $6M USD earlier this year, while other iterations usually sell for around $2.5M USD, until now.

How many white Ferrari enzos are there? ›

A claimed 400 examples of Ferrari's Enzo supercar were built during its brief production life from roughly 2002 through 2004. Most were painted Rosso Corsa red, some were Nero black and a handful were retina-searing Gallo Modena yellow. But only one left the factory in icy Bianco Avus white.

Do white Ferraris exist? ›

White – Bianco in Italian – may not be the most popular Ferrari colour, it definitely surprised us how many shades there are.

How many silver Enzos are there? ›

The overwhelming majority of the 400 Enzos built (one of which was for Pope John Paul II) were finished in Ferrari's trademark Rosso Corsa, but chassis no. 132662 is one of nine examples that left the factory in Argento Nürburgring silver, according to the auction house.

Who owns the $70 million Ferrari? ›

Car broker Lukas Hüni was involved in the sale and the new owner is David MacNeil, CEO of car accessories company WeatherTech. According to sources with insight, the purchase price was 70 million dollars, at today's exchange rate 616 million kroner.

Why is the Ferrari Enzo so rare? ›


Manufactured between 2002 and 2004, Ferrari only ever built 400 Enzos over the lifespan of the model, so there are VERY few of these cars out there today.

Does the Pope own a Ferrari Enzo? ›

On the opposite end of Motorsport Valley Italy in Maranello, in 2005 Ferrari gifted Pope John Paul II a Ferrari Enzo, valued at $650,000. However, what makes this particular example interesting is that it wasn't part of the original production run.

How rare is a white Ferrari? ›

The only Enzo ever finished in white from the factory is now up for auction at RM Sotheby's. The one-of-one Enzo, known by its chassis number 133023, has rarely been seen since it was built in 2003. Finished in a shade named Bianco Avus, it's the only Enzo that was ever delivered in white.

How many Enzos are in the US? ›

Only 350 Enzos were made. Of those, 126 were imported to the US.

Why are pink Ferraris not allowed? ›

Ferrari maintains a stringent brand rule against pink exteriors. They perceive this color as inconsistent with their brand standards and ethos. Any desire to paint a Ferrari pink must be fulfilled post-purchase and outside of the official Ferrari facilities.

What car is a poor man's Ferrari? ›

The Toyota MR2 “Poor Man's Ferrari” Shown Here.

How much is the white Ferrari Enzo? ›

$6,050,000 (approximately £4.9 million) was reached; in 2021, Sotheby's hammered away a less common “Nero” car, from 2003, for $3,360,000 (approximately £2.7 million). Hagerty's valuation tool, in the meantime, puts a condition 1 (concours) Enzo at $3,850,000 (approximately £3.1 million).

How much is Enzo Ferrari son worth? ›

The remaining 10 percent share was inherited by his only surviving son, Piero, who was born to Enzo's mistress, Lina Lardi, in 1945. In 2015, Ferrari went public and Piero's stake was valued at around $2 billion. In 2023, he's estimated to be worth around $7.2 billion.

What is the most beautiful car Enzo? ›

world.” – Enzo Ferrari.

Is the Enzo rare? ›

With just 400 examples ever made, the Ferrari Enzo has always commanded high prices at auction – helped in no small way by it being a part of the 'Ferrari Big Five', along with the equally desirable 288 GTO, F40, F50 and LaFerrari.

How much did a 1962 Ferrari sell for at auction? ›

1962 Ferrari sells for $51.7 million, the second most expensive car ever sold at auction. The bright red roadster had been the property of an American collector for the past 38 years.

How much did the Ferrari 250 GT cost at auction? ›

The only factory-owned Ferrari 250 GTO Series 1 has just made history at an RM Sotheby's Auction, with a final sale price of $51,705,000 making it the most expensive car from Maranello to ever sell in a public forum.

How much is the Ferrari Enzo worth today? ›

A: The average price of a Ferrari Enzo is $3,376,278. Q: What years was the Ferrari Enzo sold? A: The Ferrari Enzo was sold for model years 2002 to 2004.


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